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Taylor Burton Sep 13, 2023 8:37:00 AM 4 min read

6 Tips for an Inspiring Office Space

As a lawyer, you're no stranger to long hours and hard work. In fact, it's estimated that we spend over 13 years of our lives at work. So why not make the place you're spending a great deal of time in an enjoyable place to exist?

Whether it's an office, a cubicle, a desk, or your living room--you need an inspiring space that lends itself to productivity and leaves you feeling good. Check out these tips on how to create the perfect office space! And once you have, join us for Productivity Bootcamp on September 15th to discover how to be even more purposeful and efficient with your time!




1. Get comfortable. Ergonomic is the word to look for! That means it's designed for efficiency and comfort in the workplace. There's a host of ergonomic furniture, keyboards, mouses, and computer risers on the market. Since you spend a lot of time at your desk or on your computer, you should be taking steps to avoid discomfort and eye strain. If a chair is leaving you with back pain at the end of each day, it's time to shop around for a new, adjustable one with lumbar support. Don't invite any long-term health issues to your doorstep.

Make sure to show the same respect towards your coworkers and clients! If you're in charge of an office, ensure everyone has access to comfortable chairs. Don't be the cause of carpal tunnel issues or back pain.


2. Let there be light. Harsh, overhead fluorescent lighting can prove to be a real headache. In fact, poor lighting can impact your productivity, mood, and even your health. Leave off the artificial lights and opt for natural light coming through the windows instead. If this isn't an option, install floor and desk lamps throughout your office.

When choosing the type of lighting, LED bulbs are a great option. They are cheaper, boast a longer lifespan than fluorescent bulbs, and they don't trigger migraines. 


hand drawing creative business strategy with light bulb as concept


3. Clear out the clutter. That "organized chaos" you swear by is actually a major hindrance! Clutter subconsciously detracts from your mental health and can decrease your ability to concentrate. Buy storage spaces and desk organizers. Opt for wireless keyboards and mice to minimize the number of cables. Set a little time aside at the end of each week to organize your desk. Store important papers in filing cabinets and make sure trash finds its way into the garbage can.

This goes for your literal desk top and your computer desktop! Keep your computer files organized through the use of folders. Archive important emails and delete spam. Being clutter-free and organized will help improve your productivity and sense of well-being!


4. Go green. Plants are a great way to cheer up a space while clearing up the air. In fact, nature has a way of elevating one's mood and morale. Perhaps it's partially thanks to a plant's ability to generate oxygen and impart you with a little bit of fresh air. Check out these six low-maintenance plants that make great additions to any office.


Potted snake plants (botanical name Sansevieria trifasciata), also known as mother-in-laws tongue (poisonous if ingested), an ornamental native to tropical western Africa, on table in greenhouse


5. Leave room for collaboration--and relaxation. Got a little extra space? Consider making it a meeting area or a lounge. Include couches, comfy chairs, and tables. It can serve as an inviting spot to meet a client in, or an inspiring space for your employees to gather and share ideas in. This also encourages them to get up and move around rather than tying them to their desks all day. Your coworkers will be happier to have that sense of freedom and enjoy a change in scenery.

For an added bonus, put a coffeemaker, snacks, or a candy bowl into this space to make it extra inviting!


6. Have fun with it! Get creative by picking out a theme or aesthetic. Choose decor and artwork that speaks to you. Or personalize your space with family photos or items that reflect your interests. Remember to keep it professional and avoid anything crude, political, or divisive (though you're safe to show support for your favorite sports team, even if others might not feel the same). 

Color plays a big role in influencing how we feel. An accent wall, throw rug, or unique piece of furniture could completely change the feel of your workspace. Read up on color psychology to help you decide what kind of atmosphere you're aiming for. Bright colors bring a sense of energy to the workplace, so don't be afraid to incorporate some pops of vivid color into your office space.


Happy young female executive using laptop at creative office


A successful office should be relaxing and inviting, but also promote focus and productivity. Hopefully these tips leave you feeling confident on how to level up your office space!