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Taylor Burton Jul 26, 2023 8:30:00 AM 3 min read

Intentional Culture: A Game Changer

Workplace culture, organizational culture, company culture--whatever you want to call it, it brings undeniable value to your workplace. If you're the leader of your firm (or any kind of manager, really) it should be your intention to cultivate a positive culture to better benefit you, your employees, and your company.

Companies with excellent workplace culture often outperform the competition. Read on to learn more about workplace culture and why it can be such a game changer.


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What is workplace culture and why is it important?

Your culture is the result of many different intertwining attributes. It's your organization's personality, values, traditions, relationships, attitudes, and more. A positive culture uplifts its employees by making them feel respected, productive, and successful. Workers are prioritizing their mental health now more than ever and seeking jobs that leave them satisfied, not stressed. A positive workplace culture can be seen as a major attraction to job seekers, and, believe it or not, it can even make or break your company's success!

Workplace culture is crucial because it sets the tone for what working within your company is like. A negative workplace will face challenges such as quiet quitters and high turnovers. Meanwhile, a positive one will receive benefits such as attracting and keeping talent. If your employees are happy and engaged, it can improve their performance, which can lead to satisfied customers and a more profitable company.


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How do you create a successful workplace culture?

To begin, you should have a clear vision of your company's goals and values. When you're in charge, you set the expectations and serve as an example to those you lead. It's up to you to inspire your employees and connect over shared values. If your employees believe in your values, they will be more motivated and feel fulfilled in their work.

Communication, trust, and integrity are all important pillars that support a successful culture. If you sow the seeds of communication and stronger relationships, your efforts will certainly bear fruit. Encourage your employees to share their ideas with you and ensure that they view you as an approachable manager who values their opinion.

Another way to boost your culture is to instill a sense of purpose in your employees. This can mean sharing inspirational stories or celebrating company milestones. Don't forget to recognize them for their contributions! Give them something to be proud of. If you're a lawyer, you certainly have your fair share of stories and victories.

These are just a few ways you can boost morale and shape your culture into something that serves everyone.


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What are some do's and don'ts of workplace culture?

Don't brand your workers as a family. If you're trying to relay the positives of your organizations to potential employees, avoid describing it as "a family." Younger generations now view that descriptor as a red flag and a tool to manipulate you into placing work above all. Not everyone is interested in having personal relationships with their coworkers and hitting up happy hour in order to look like they're "one of the family"--some just want to get home to their real families. "Family" settings can easily turn toxic if left unchecked. As more and more people view this word as a red flag, try to steer clear from using it.

Do refer your employees as a team. You're all working towards the same goal. If you have a tight-knit group, it's much better to commend them as a team, because that's much closer to what you are.

Don't pursue perfection. Nobody is perfect. The constant pursuit of perfection can stress your employees out and cause a fear of failure. Always remember that you could lose valuable employees if your workplace culture is toxic.

Do pursue progress. Be open to change and growth. Your attitude towards these things can affect your employees' attitudes. Always strive towards your goals, but never in a way that is harmful. Keep a healthy, positive outlook, make progress a priority, and empower your employees to do the same.


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Remember, you are the key to unlocking a successful workplace culture and the many benefits it can offer. If you feel that yours could use a boost, then it's time to get to work, because we guarantee intentional culture is a game changer.