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Taylor Burton Dec 21, 2022 9:00:00 AM 5 min read

7 New Year's Resolutions for 2023

2023 is upon us! Many look forward to the coming year as a chance to turn over a new leaf. It's the perfect time to hit the restart button, form healthier habits, and become a happier version of yourself. So why not set a New Year's resolution?

Have you chosen yours yet? In case you haven't, here's a list of 7 New Year's Resolution ideas to help you make your decision!


Chinese New Year fireworks over Makati at night, in Metro Manila, The Philippines.

Exercise More. The most common New Year's Resolution is to hit the gym. However, this is a very ambitious goal and many wind up dropping this resolution by February. Exercise doesn't have to mean lifting a hundred-pound barbell or a sprint on the treadmill. If you set the level too high, you will quickly find yourself falling off--both the treadmill and your resolution.

Start your day with a morning stretch. If it's been a little while since your last workout (we know you lead a busy life!) then you should ease your body back into it. If you're looking to build up stamina, start taking walks around the neighborhood. If you want to build strength or work on tone, yoga is a great option. If squeezing a workout into your busy day is too much of a struggle, try these do-it-at-your-desk exercises.

Struggling with motivation? Make it fun! Join a kickball team, go on a kayaking adventure, or hike to a picturesque view. Rope a partner or some friends into your resolution and hold each other accountable. There's no reason it has to be a drag. If you enjoy your resolution, you'll be able to stick with it.


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Eat Well. Another well-attempted resolution is a healthier diet. Like exercising, there are a number of ways you can approach this. Your goal could be to add more vegetables to your diet or subtract carbs. Maybe you'd like to finally break that pesky sugar addiction. No matter what you choose, make sure you're drinking plenty of water because hydration is important.

Cooking at home is a great option when you want to eat well. This way, you can control what is going into your food. The worldwide web is teeming with easy, healthy recipes for you to try. If you've got time to spare, consider closing out of the DoorDash app and saving a little money. Speaking of which...


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Spend Less. Inflation has been a killer this past year. Another popular resolution (especially among Millennials) is to build a better budget and save money. You can utilize a monthly budget planner to prepare your wallet for the new year. Or you can try a money-saving challenge that will have you putting aside a little bit of cash each day.

If neither of those sounds appealing, then simply aim to exercise your self-control. When shopping, ask yourself if you're buying what you really need. Sleep on those Amazon purchases and look at them in the light of a new day. Don't fall victim to the dreaded impulse buy or free shipping shopping sprees. If you're successful, you may find yourself with a little more money in your bank account.


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Try New Things. It's easy to get caught in the monotony of day-to-day life. There's an endless expanse of new experiences and activities you've never tried outside the walls of your home. Shake up your life with a little excitement by making this the year you try new things--whether that means traveling to a new place or trying a food you've never had. Maybe it could be something zany like goat yoga or axe-throwing. Or perhaps you've been wanting to pick up a new hobby--baking, painting, crocheting, jogging, writing, could be anything.

It will never happen unless you make time for it. Ask yourself how often you want to try something new. Perhaps something small, once a week? Or maybe something on a grander scale, once a month? Clear a spot in your schedule. Your mental health will thank you for it. After all, variety is the spice of life!


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Say Goodbye to Bad Habits. Quit smoking. Drink less alcohol. Cut your caffeine intake or endless social media scrolling. Start valuing your sleep. We all have our vices and it's more than likely you've got at least one bad habit in your repertoire. Now would be a great time to bid that bad habit adieu for a happier, healthier you!


Embrace Self-Care. We're living in the era of valuing both our physical and mental health. For some of us, it's not easy to step back from "the grind," but it certainly is beneficial. Taking breaks is crucial for our well-being. 

Self-care comes in many forms. Some may picture a massage or a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. For others, it can be a walk outside surrounded by nature or a ten-minute meditation on your lunch break. Or perhaps it's time spent with good friends over delicious food and drink. You know yourself best! Make 2023 the year you take a step back from the stress and embrace self-care.


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Celebrate You! This is an easy one and quite honestly, it should be part of everyone's resolution. There's no doubt that you've faced your fair share of challenges this past year. You've worked incredibly hard. You have a list of accomplishments and yet, you're always looking ahead at the next task and what else needs to be done.

Take a moment to look back down the road you've traveled and acknowledge your hard work! Give yourself a compliment or a pat on the back. Self-compassion is proven to ease stress and you deserve to feel good about yourself. It's time to tackle 2023 with your head held high and a more positive mindset. Celebrate you and all of your victories, no matter how small. 


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Before you go on your way, know this: the most common reason resolutions fail is because they are not specific enough. It will be up to you to narrow down your goals and find what truly works for you. Make sure you're setting aside the time to devote yourself to your resolution and try to enjoy yourself along the way. Best of luck--you got this.

Happy New Year from PBI and warmest wishes for a wonderful 2023!