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Zoom Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Easily Elevate Your Zoom Meetings

Even those who mightily resisted have accepted that virtual meetings are now a part of life - and so is being on video, from your home, with your boss, colleagues, clients and vendors. While we don’t all have a setup ideal for this scenario, follow these three easy tips to look a little more polished for our at-home studios.


1. Reduce clutter (or at least keep it out of view of the camera). Clutter on screen isn’t just unsightly; it can be distracting. We all know the woes of juggling paper stacks, post-it notes, and partially drunk morning coffees, but ask yourself if you would want someone in your “real life” office if it looked that way? Keep it clean.

tip 1 reduce clutter

2. Light it up. Good lighting makes a big difference on video conference calls. Natural light is best, but if a seat near a window isn’t doable, make sure you have a lamp or other light source facing you, so on camera you are well and evenly lit. Experts recommend using LED bulbs with a CRI (color rendering index) close to 100.

tip 2 light it up

3. Add some flair. Whether it’s a bright pop of color on the wall behind you, some interesting art, or shelves displaying your bobble head collection -- add some personality to your backdrop. Remember rule number 1, but you can make things interesting without overdoing it.

tip 3 add some flair

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