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Taylor Burton Apr 10, 2024 9:01:00 AM 3 min read

Ethics Expertise with PBA

Life isn't black and white. Lawyers are no strangers to facing ethical dilemmas on the daily as they take on various challenges for their clients. All the while, you must adhere to a strict code of conduct, avoid conflicts of interest, and focus on upholding integrity and client confidentiality. At times, it can feel overwhelming. Stress and burnout loom. You might feel lost or unsure of how to navigate difficult choices.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association has got your back, always. We offer in-house expertise and a number of resources to help guide you through the harrowing minefield of ethics. Read on to discover more about the resources you can access as a PBA member.

And of course, PBI is forever here to keep you in compliance! Join us tomorrow morning for our "Ethics Compliance Crusher," designed to provide a convenient, one-stop buffet of the timeliest ethics topics available. Sessions will address lawyer burnout and resulting ethical implications, how to improve listening skills, and discipline that can occur as a result. Don't miss this integral course and the opportunity to grab those ethics credits!




To begin, the PBA Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee is one of the top reasons lawyers become a PBA member. Where else can you get an advisory opinion specifically addressing your own future conduct for a nominal annual membership fee?

This committee is charged with responding to requests of any PBA member who has a question concerning the impact of the provisions of the Rules of Professional Conduct or the Code of Judicial Conduct upon that member's prospective conduct. The committee has issued many formal and informal ethics opinions over the years since it has been in existence. It provides much-needed guidance to Pennsylvania lawyers everywhere.

The committee also reviews and recommends any proposals for change in the rules governing professional responsibility. Members of the committee are appointed by the PBA president.

If you ever harbor an inquiry regarding your conduct, you can call PBA's Ethics Hotline, coordinated by the Ethics Department and in conjunction with the Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee. All inquiries are confidential. Please be aware that this service is only available to members of the PBA!



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Another perk of your PBA membership: A discount on PBI CLE! Members receive $100 off a PBI ProPass subscription! With this subscription, you'll unlock access to our complete library of on-demand offerings, making compliance a breeze.

In PA, attorneys need 2 of their 12 total CLE credits each year to be Ethics CLE credits. We've got you covered! Earn those credits with any of these upcoming courses. Don't forget that if you exceed your annual ethics requirement, additional ethics credits can be applied as substantive.


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Finally, there's the Pennsylvania Ethics Handbook, which the aforementioned committee is in the process of updating for this year. This book is the ultimate guide to complex issues such as confidentiality, conflicts of interests, billing, the attorney/client relationship, and so much more. Keep an eye out for the latest edition to hit the digital shelves this year!

If physical books are more to your favor and you're currently looking to update your legal library, then check out our "Farewell to Print" sale! Our extensive collection of legal reference books has been a staple in the legal community for generations, and now is your final opportunity to grab them at an unbeatable price. Use code LASTCHANCE at checkout to bring the price of print books down to just $50, including shipping.*

Don't worry; our digital library is here to stay. We will continue to develop and update our best-selling PBI Press Books in a format that is user-friendly, accessible, and just as helpful to your practice as our traditional print books.

*Promotion excludes both Civil and Criminal Jury Instructions book.


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We hope this summary of the PBA's ethics expertise has been useful to you! In order to fully take advantage of everything we have to offer, consider becoming a PBA member today, if you're not already! After all, the best lawyers deserve the very best in resources!