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Taylor Burton May 8, 2024 8:22:00 AM 5 min read

5 Fantastic Workplace Morale Boosters

Continuing with our theme of mental health awareness for the month of we're going to approach a much more lighthearted topic: How to make your workplace a great place to be! 

Team-building activities and increased morale can have all sorts of positive effects on the workplace. It forges bonds between coworkers, enhances communication and problem-solving skills, and boosts productivity in the long run. Happier employees mean less turnover. But outside of all the workplace talk--why wouldn't you want to make others happy and prioritize their mental health if it's within your power?

After making the switch to a hybrid schedule last year, PBI formed the esteemed PFC (PBI Fun Committee), which seeks to make each month special and create events everyone can look forward to. If you're the manager in charge wondering how to raise morale, or a fellow party planner searching for new ideas, this blog is for you. Read on!


Happy volunteer family putting their hands together on a sunny day-1

Food. Have you ever heard that if you want people to show up, offer free food? It's the most effective strategy. It's always a treat not to have to worry about packing a lunch for the day, and to have it paid for. If you're in charge of the budget, bring a little light into your firm's day every so often! Order in a catered lunch, call in a food truck, or head out for happy hour.

Don't have much of a budget to work with? We've got you! PBI often has potluck lunches where everyone brings something in according to a theme. However, we make it clear that there is no pressure to do so and even if you can't bring something in, you are still welcome to partake! In September, we had an apple-themed party with a build-your-own caramel apple station and an apple-tasting identification contest. October, November, and December boasted holiday parties filled with delicious seasonal food including pumpkin, turkey, and cookies. Our Superbowl Party was all about appetizers while we decided to "Go Green" with a salad bar on Earth Day. There's something new to celebrate every month!

Make sure you are providing all sorts of different food options for your gluten-free and vegan coworkers!




Games. Nothing like a little friendly competition to deepen bonds! Workplace games are a great way to practice teamwork and loosen up a little bit. You might get to see new sides of your coworkers as they embrace the spirit of competition. You can have different departments compete against each other or mix up the teams so that people are working alongside those they don't usually work with. It's a nice change of pace and brings enrichment into a normal day.

Some of our personal favorites include Trivia, Scattergories, and Family Feud. Last Christmas, we held a company-wide stocking-decorating contest between departments, followed by Christmas song trivia. We also had an Easter egg hunt for our Spring Fling--prizes included candy, desk toys, and gift cards. We're looking forward to PBA's upcoming summer soiree, which promises to be full of fun and memorable games!

Other ideas include bingo, a scavenger hunt, or a board game afternoon. There are all kinds of free options on the internet that will only cost you a little bit of printer ink. If you'd like to spend a little money, take your team to an escape room or a murder mystery party to raise the stakes and see how well they work together under pressure!


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Recognition. A little appreciation can go a long way. Show your employees that you care by recognizing major accomplishments, celebrating employee anniversaries, or giving them a small gift on their special day. The PBA does this through our quarterly newsletter--it's a wonderful way to keep everyone up to date and entertained! Employees are also recognized when they hit major anniversaries, which we are proud to say is quite often.


Volunteer. Band together and work towards a different goal: giving back to your community. Devote a workday to working the polls come election day. Help the environment by cleaning up any litter near your workplace or conduct a canned food drive to help the needy. Volunteering is a great way to build relationships while making a difference. PBA is always proud to give back and has a number of volunteer groups! We also participate in a number of well-known programs such as Daffodil Days and Toys for Tots. It's easy to get involved!


Other Activities. Competition is fun, but sometimes it's nice to slow down a bit. Crafts where you sit peacefully and use your hands can be soothing and ease stress. We've got jigsaw puzzles and adult coloring books for anyone who needs a "brain break" late in the day. In the past, we created our own Christmas ornaments and a fall-themed lip scrub with brown sugar and essential oils. More recently, we brought in old pots and mugs and recycled them into homes for office plants! A number of green thumbs on our team provided plants they had propagated for the event, making it another great money-saver. As you know, plants are great for mental health and brighten up any office!

Another activity is the famed icebreaker. They help everyone get to know each other. This is especially helpful if you've had an influx of new hires recently, or you're transitioning from fully remote to a hybrid schedule! Before PBA made the switch, we gathered fun facts from everyone, then turned it into a "match the person with the fun fact" kind of game. "Two truths and a lie" is another popular choice.




Hopefully, you're closing out of this blog post with a few new ideas on how to make everyone's work life a little more exciting. If you're in need of more inspiration, follow PBI on social media, where we often share pictures of our fun events and activities!

Don't forget to join the PBA on May 15 for a free Wellness Wednesday Mindful Moment! Let Courtney Schulnick, Special Counsel at Marshall Dennehey, guide you through a much-needed mental health break. Not a PBA member? No worries--anyone can join! Register today and your mind will thank you for it!